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Do you know why our Corn is fresher than a roadside stand or grocery store? The answer: technology and experience. To guarantee freshness and to ensure flavor retention, all of our corn is hydro-cooled. When we pick our corn in the morning, we run ice cold water on our corn. This technology will slow the breakdown process. Without this process, your corn will lose 50% of its flavor within 1 day. This is because the corn will turn to starch. Newtown Farm Market wants its customers to get the freshest corn, not just for today, but for 4 to 5 days after purchase. We pick our corn daily so we can guarantee the freshest possible quality. Each season, we will be offering the same varieties of corn we always have in the past, plus a few new ones! We will be sampling corn each day, so come on in and try ours and taste the quality for yourself!

The dates shown below are of approximate availability for homegrown fruits and vegetables.

Homegrown Corn
late April to July 4
Georgia half runner green beans late April to July 4

Ohio Strawberries

early June to July 4

South Carolina peaches

late May to mid-Sept

Ohio green onions early June to Oct 1
Ohio radishes early June to Oct 1
Ohio broccoli early June to Oct 1

Ohio homegrown corn

early July to Oct 1

Indiana and Ohio watermelons early July to Sept

Ohio stringless beans and half runner green beans

early July to Oct 1

Kentucky wonder (pole) beans early July to Oct 1
Ohio Red raspberries, blackberries, blueberries mid-July to Sept 1
Indiana Cantaloupes mid-July to Labor Day
Ohio homegrown tomatoes mid-July to Labor Day
Heirloom Tomatoes mid-July to Labor Day